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Sanchez-Alvarez, CMP, Tina Aliso Viejo Country Club (949)598-9200 
Santley, Stacey Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated (402)278-2417 
Sater, Betsy & Bob Sater Secretarial & Business Services (949)831-9216(949)495-1286 
Savage, Sabrina OC Local Taproom (949)310-3293 
Schaefer, Mike Board of Equalization, 4th District (916)661-7866 
Schueler, Debra Mary Kay Cosmetics (949)226-3075 
Schwenn, Alisha Chick's Plumbing, Inc. (949)496-9731(949)496-6855 
Scognamiglio, Enzo Brio Tuscany Grille (949)443-1476(949)443-0367 
Scott, Jacki City of Laguna Niguel (949)362-4300 
Seiwert, Joe California Silk Plant Company (949)643-6798 
Selvidge, Mike Code 3 Restoration and Decon (949)370-2905 
Seny, Daniel LegalShield (949)658-2617 
Severt, Rebecca Costco Wholesale, Heather Ridge (949)389-8703(949)389-8717 
Shaheen, Emad PostalAnnex Laguna Niguel (949)600-7037 
Shahparnia, Sam San Diego County Credit Union (877)732-2848 
Shannon, Yvonne Geiger Law Office, PC (760)448-2220(760)477-6091 
Sharifi, Matt Carpet Choice Inc. (949)349-0099 
Sharma, Council Member Rischi Paul City of Laguna Niguel (949)362-4300 
Sharma, CFP, CRPS, LUTCF, Rischi Paul Assembly Pointe Financial (949)209-8915 
Shepherd, Mike Hammer & Nails (949)340-3559 
Sherwood, Amy Serra Sol Memory Care (402)943-6079 
Simon, Mary Marina Hills Animal Hospital (949)495-2224 
Simonson, Eric Simonson Photography (949)495-2735 
Simpson, Dave Cox Communications (949)979-3628 
Simpson, CFA, David L. Simpson Capital Management (949)495-7922(949)495-5909 
Sinclair, Ronald The Star Cleaning System (949)439-7827(877)645-9353 
Sjodin, Adam Health Markets Insurance-Adam Sjodin (651)341-9976 
Skinner, Ronna Pacific Sign Center (949)248-7474 
Slusiewicz, Jerry Pacific Financial Planners, LLC (949)219-0692(949)219-0695 
Small, Jennifer St. Anne School (949)276-6700(949)276-6706 
Smith, Lynn First Church of Christ, Scientist /Reading Room (949)495-4628 
Smith, Mary Mary F. Smith  
Smith, Mary F. American Legion Auxiliary Laguna Niguel Unit 281 (949)719-9522 
Smith, Ron Wild Fork Foods (714)747-0719 
Smith, Tiffany Fullerton Electric (714)526-2010 
Snook, Robert EKG IT (844)693-5448 
Soley, Al Aliso Creek Minuteman Press (949)831-8211(949)831-6217 
Sorosky, Erica Palmieri Tyler (949)851-9400 
Sosa, Emilio Laguna Niguel Family YMCA (949)249-6205(949)495-6397 
Spearman, Steve Laguna Niguel Racquet Club (949)496-4665 
Spitzer, Todd District Attorney (714)834-3600 
Springer, DDS, Mae Lee Mae Lee Springer, DDS, Inc. (949)495-4600(949)495-4601 
Stanek, Heather ClubSport Aliso Viejo (949)330-5520 
Stefanides, Dave Orange County Realtors (949)586-6800(949)586-0382 
Stern, Elliot Saddleback College (949)582-4500(949)364-9312 
Suarez, Deborah Crestavilla (949)272-9772 
Suh, Michael Jersey Mike's Subs - Greenfield (951)337-1812 
Sullivan, Clint Toucan Marketing LLC (203)980-2669 
Sullivan, Nancy Toucan Marketing LLC (203)980-2669 
Swift, Caroline Cruise Planners - Sweet Caroline Travel (949)363-0430 
Szeyller, James Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church (949)249-1218 

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