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Advertising & Marketing Services

Tricia Yee

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 Member Since 2019 


Toucan Marketing LLC
Clint Sullivan, Designer - Inventor - Marketer
Other Contacts: Nancy Sullivan

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 Member Since 2012 

About Us...
"SPECIAL OPS" Marketing with Toucan Group. In business having a unique product or service is a critical starting point. Clearly stating the product or service features and benefits while giving it strong branding are a good second step. Toucan works with you to identify your sales objectives and create strong marketing campaigns that help you acquire those targets - they become Special Opportunities…a set of unique circumstances that make it possible to achieve key objectives. At Toucan we pride ourselves on inventive solutions and job accountability. We measure our success by yours! Let us gain your trust with a project or fulfill all of your objectives with an inclusive marketing campaign. Call or email to discuss your Special Opportunity! email:

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